Simple theory queries?

Kindly help me with the following queries:

1.What is the maximum datasize that can be uploaded in ZODB
2.No. of users that can be managed by plone.
3.maximum no. of states and transition that Plone can handle in a workflow.
4. Can Plone be integrated with any other ERP products

Kindly help me with this query. I am doing an RnD for a project.
I am tankful to all who reply.

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  1. Large files are stored in blobs. Theoretically there is no limit.

  2. No limit. Large institutions use LDAP for user management.

  3. No limit - except the limitations of the human brain designing workflows.

  4. Everything can be integrated in some way or the other with Plone. Plone has a REST just need to write the necessary glue code or integration code.

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@zopyx already answered but if you want real life application of complex workflows, Refer to @rioksane slide 21 on his presentation of collective.flow