Show fieldsets and fields of dexterity types in the center of the GUI with blocks enabled

When we have a custom content type with different filesets and fields, Volto offers a form similar to the one in Classic UI, i.e. using the center of the GUI.

When we add Blocks behaviour to our custom content type, then Volto shows the fieldsets and fields in the sidebar.

Is there a possibility to show the fieldsets and fields in the center of the GUI?

For complex dexterity types that want to use Blocks would be a better UX to be able to have the dexterity fields in the center of the GUI.


There's an addon that allows you to create blocks that expose some of the DX fields: GitHub - eea/volto-metadata-block: Metadata Block Volto add-on that enables Document metadata insertion within the Blocks area.. You can use the Layoux editing feature of the Dexterity Content types to set the initial blocks for a content type and you could create a variation for the metadata block that renders empty, so not to display the fields in the final view.

@tiberiuichim Thanks. I know this addon.

But I'd expect the real fields (and fieldsets) of dexterity types treated as "first class citizens" and not relegated to the sidebar.

The components to show fieldsets and fields as a traditional form are there. They are used when blocks are not yet enabled.

Why not allow them to appear in the center as they do when blocks are not yet enabled?

Hi @mekell

Are you talking about this UI?

If so, I'd be interested to hear how you would fit this in alongside the blocks editing experience!


This is exactly the question we should consider. At the moment it seems to me that blocks are relegating everything not "compatible" with them. This is of course a legitimate option. But there is also the option to let both "co-exist" and let the user/developer decide which one should be prominent.

From the perspective of UX I personally would prefer a "co-existant" way. I don't like having relevant thins half hidden in a sidebar which is not the best place for editing e.g. richtext or similar fields.

This could be achieved putting the blocks editor in a (first) tab at the same level with the fieldsets tabs (and of course maximizing the tabs panel).

Something like that:

| Blocks | Default | MyFieldset | ...| Categorization | Dates | Ownership |

As I mentioned, the components are there. Now Volto places dexterity types on the center when no blocks enabled and re-places them in the sidebar when blocks enabled.

Why not (also) doing the other way round. Putting the blocks in the tabs panel when enabled. And of course, allow to maximize the tabs panel.

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