Should i use Plone for catalog-site?

Should I choose Plone CMS to create catalog-site? Like these for example:, or this - they have basic catalog structure: subpage for every database record, all pages categorized and sorted. It is doable with this CMS?

It's certainly been done. Plone is a natural fit for managing lots of mixed content and being able to search and categorize content. For high traffic sites you would have to know more how to deploy Plone and tune it for your specific situation but there's no reason not to use it.

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collective.isotope is a FANTASTIC visual way to show off items that match search criteria

eea.facetednavigation similarly so (for even larger sets of items).

If you integrate elastic search you can fine tune search results and rankings (and, plug plug, looks at Google Analytics results to automatically tune search results to show the most popular items at the top)

Sorry, late reply :"D Plone itself is good for building site like this and with this collective.isotope is super awesome, thanks for replying and advices :smiley:

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