Several edit forms [ SOLVED ]

Is it possible to have several edit forms?

Usecase: After content (a certain content type) is added, 95 % of the times the item is edited, only field X and Z are edited.

PS: I can not use permissions, since the same users will also have those rights

Perhaps solve the problem with Javascript where you can check for filled input fields and hide them.

quite similar: This might be 'a mad approach', but I did

  <button type="button"
      tal:define="url context/getURL|context/absolute_url"
        class="btn btn-primary pat-contentloader"
          <span> + My text</span>

and with css I hid everything except 'some fields'.

.template-my_view .field { display none} 

.template#formfield-form-widgets-IMyBehavior-something {
    display: block;

Hopefully, this is good enough