Setup Volto Application ( new in plone community )

Hey Everyone,
I am Surath Jhakal , currently I'm in my 2nd year of Bsc IT and I find out plone through gsoc and got curious about this org. Also there were some projects related to my skills set, so i thought its a great opportunity to start my opensource contribution journey.
My skills are: reactjs,python,javascript,java
I also did a internship at a startup named Scispot for 9 months as frontend developer also worked on some REST APIs and did some backend work on aws lambda in python.
This was the brief overview of me

I watched some tutorials on youtube how plone works and what is it , just a brief overview like its a content management tool and allows user to upload their data in form of text,images,etc.
I also looked on volto like what it is actually and how it can help people , I found that good enough and wanted to start contribute,

So I setup the volto locally but when i try to do "npm install" gives me some error, can anyone help in setup volto properly, so i can start contribute in it :slight_smile: .

can you share your error details please!! like a screenshot

and what platform are you on??