Selectin a CMS software


I'm comparing CMS softwares to find the one that is suitable for our business.
Based on a list of requirements i'm going through the documentation and online demo to find out how plone supports what we need.

I'm having a hard time to find answers to the following items:

  • The pages need to be able to play videos and show images inline
  • Customize error messages (show custom pages for 404 http error code for example).
  • Show pages/components/areas based on geolocation and/or social activity (tracking of web activity when allowed)

May someone help me linking docs/addons that covers this 3 topics ?


Standard functionality. You can embed the related iframe code through the editor. Also you can upload and select images...try the demos yourself (

There is a default 404 page with a list of alternative content options...should be easy to customize this with a custom template (z3c.jbot or so)

No idea what this exactly means. Adding geo coordinates to content-types is possibly doing a behavior like collective.geolocationbehavior.

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Seems like a requirement for altering content based on user geolocation. This would need custom work as far as I can see.

It should be possible to get hold of at least the country through modules like geoip (if you pass through the IP from the frontend proxy). Some services also support for narrowing town the request to a particular but this is usually vague for many reasons. Implementing a particular logic based on country or arbitrary geographic location is left to the author.

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A little bit late but thank you for all the answers.