Seeking input on RelatedItems widget bug for non-site navroots

tl;dr: mockup bug hinders related items widget in subsites (non-site-navroot).

Throwing this mockup bug / issue link over here to see if anyone has any ideas on normalizing and/or providing both site-root and nav-root path, such that non-site rootPath can actually work:

I spent at least a few debugging hours looking at this, but so far have only concluded that the pattern options need to support, and send something new:

  • There is no way to infer site path from the page?
  • There is no way to take context path (or basePath) and non-site rootPath and determine what the path to the common site-root is.
  • I sense we need to add a sitePath option, in addition to rootPath and basePath.
  • This is complicated by accidental lack of support for (computed) navigation root now in (used to work, does not now, requires integrator subclass the widget to do more work).

The consequence of all these things: there is currently no apparent way to jail related items inside a subsite.

I would like to see this fixed before Plone 5.1 release (see also), but want to see if there is any input that should guide any attempt I make to fix it (in, mockup, and (possibly) in

If you have ideas, please feel free to comment here or on the GitHub issue.

Cc: @thet @MrTango

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See my comment at:

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