Seekable video and audio out of the box with Plone

It looks like a slight adjustment to the plone.formwidget.namedfile might make it possible to ship Plone with seekable/skippable media files.

Once a playable file gets longer than 30 seconds it becomes frustrating to be forced to "endure" an entire video or audio clip when the user only wants to find a 10 second part near the end.

A small change, borrowed from ideas in makes it slightly easier to provide seekable/skippable media files.
I've added an issue:

A stretch goal would be to provide an embedded player out of the box for any file that is detected to be audio or video.

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You also need to ensure the video is encoded in a way which makes this possible.

I only tested it with a few files, perhaps I was lucky enough that they all were encoded properly.
So should we be bringing in more of functionality into core? It could either be enabled with an option or enabled based on availability of dependencies.

I've started a feature branch for this: