Search view showing 'everything' [solved]

When I search for content in the portlet, the right content is shown.
But when I try to limit search or sort search results, all content of the site is shown.
If I search on the search form, everything is also shown.

I can see now javascript errors.
I have lineage installed.

Update: I added a new Plone site without lineage and it has the same problem

You don't say whether you're testing anonymously or what roles the logged in user has. Does this happen on a plain vanilla Plone 5.0.6 site or one that has lots of add-ons?

I did a test without any add ons installed (they are add ons in the eggs section in buildout).

I noticed that the url does not keep the search text

So maybe it could be a javascript issue ?

I always check the browser console for errors

I did

I finally solved this, there was a duplicate id with name 'searchform' in a viewlet :blush: so the javascript picked the values from there.....

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