Search for renamed object with old path

We have a problem in a production site that for some reason lost it's related content for some pages causing exceptions when try to open the page.

I'm already working on a script to fix the site, but I don't know how to track the new path of an object by it's old path.

Can someone point me where Plone keeps the history of "renames" of an object, or if there is an easy way to get the new object?

There's no such place for objects.

For redirects, IRedirectionStorage utility from stores redirects from moved paths to new destinations, and removes redirects when object is deleted. I believe it had btrees with keys for both directions. If you know, what path you are looking, btree keys method accepts optional min/max-arguments, which allow to limit lookup by key. I used that for upcoming redirection control panel

Not sure if that helps, though. But if you find the reason for broken relations, please, share.

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Thank you very much for your fast answer @datakurre!