Script tag self-closing and creating blank pages

My symptoms:

When logged in, script tags render just fine: <script src='http://foo' ></script>
But when anonymous I get <script src='http://foo' />

The latter will break the entire page - until it finds a closing tag.

It seems to be being worked on by

I'm looking for help to:

  1. get passed this so I can demo
  2. align myself so I can easily take advantage of the next release that fixes the bug

Ok, got it.

First off, I have my own base theme in my product. I don't use diazo to customize plone, I wrote my own .pt files for my base theme.

The error is in Products/CMFPlone/resources/browser/

So, since this is a template file, I could simply use jbot to temporarily fix it.

I copied it to my base theme folder basetheme/browser/templates/ to sit with all my other templates, and made the fix there. Restarted Plone and things are now working as expected.

I guess after the next release of 5.1 this will be part of the fix, and I can simply delete my file

Hope this helps someone.