Is anyone aware of a replacement for
The current implementation assumes AT content types under the hood.
And I have some doubt regarding its compliance with the GDPR.
Any idea?

We have still running in an older Plone 4 site with, no changes needed to support Dexterity. Or maybe you mean it depends on Archetypes for imports and moving it to Python3 will be more effort?

You can disable user tracking in the control panel, then the different social media plugins will render to http links only and not activate any javascript from those sites on your page and it will be gdpr compliant.

I must say the value of as an add'on diminished for us over the years: we had to patch/fix the separate plugins a number of times (when javascript enabled was still acceptable) because each of the platforms changed their integration every year or so. In a refactoring the plugin system of like was removed so we had to rewrite our custom plugins. And with the gdpr it's much easier to just put the links/styling in your diazo theme or a separate static viewlet or update the template.

Heise (german IT magazine) created shariff ( and there are similare tools which wrap the javascript from the social media sites: only when first click on the shariff overlay it will activate the like/share/whatever code from the individual platforms so there's no tracking when you load/view the page. But it was created before the GDPR if it would still hold legally (so that you don't need gdpr consent popups).

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Yes, there is one AT import (basically checking for IBaseContent...but it makes possibly more sense dropping the module and putting only the links inside Plone. Plone provides all the information needed for FB, Twitter & Co for generating a nice reference/preview.