SaveDataToContent items not showing in site search

I'm running Plone 4109. I have a group of content items (created using PloneFormGen Save Data to Content(d2c) 2.1b3) which are not searchable in my site search. This seems to affect all the items contained in one particular SaveDataToContent adapter. I can see older items, which are of the same item type, contained in other older SaveDataToContent adapters.

I have all the boxes checked on the Item Types selection under the Search panel in site setup.

I've also tried the Clear and Rebuild of the Catalog in portal_catalog Advanced Tab. Though, the rebuild did cause a message about 'heavy site load' to display, and didn't give any confirmation of success.

I would appreciate any advice on steps to troubleshoot this issue.

Thank you,
Brandon Heise
IT Analyst
UW Oshkosh