Running Plone under uWSGI

Hello everybody.

I followed instructions from in order to run plone under wsgi.

It works fine using paster.

However I would like to use uWSGI for plone deployment.

I have tried without sucess, have anybody accomplished this task ?

p.d. which software power this forum ?

Have a look at (gunicorn) and (uwsgi).

recipe = unweb.recipe.uwsgi
eggs =

recipe = collective.recipe.patch
egg = Zope2==2.13.15
patches = ${buildout:directory}/patches/zserver.patch 

From supervisord config:

command = /home/username/zope/projname/zeocluster/bin/uwsgi  --ini-paste /home/username/zope/projname/zeocluster/production.ini -x /home/username/zope/projname/zeocluster/parts/uwsgi/uwsgi.xml --paste-logger
process_name = uwsgi
directory = /home/username/zope/projname/zeocluster/bin
priority = 10
redirect_stderr = true
user = username

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