Running a specific Plone Docker image on Windows:

When running a Plone Docker image on Windows with the command: docker run -p 8080: 8080 plone
The latest stable version of Plone available is installed by default, currently 5.2.2
If for example I want to install a particular version instead, for example 5.2.0, can I indicate:
docker run -p 8080: 8080 plone 5.2.0?

Thanks in advance.

There are various version tags available:

Here the documentation on how to run a specific tag (hint: first hit if you would Google "docker run tag")

Regarding the specific version of plone under docker, like, @jensens advised I ran a search with Google: "Docker run a specific plone version"

Among the results I got this link: https: //
Then in the section: "Standalone Plone Instance", I got the answer through this example:

“By using the tags listed above a Plone container with a different version can be downloaded and started.
The following command starts a Plone 4.3 container, based on Alpine.

$ docker run -p 8080: 8080 plone:​4.3-alpine 

There you go, I hope it can be of use to others.
Thanks again to everyone.