Robot-server with plone 6.0.0a4 minimal setup not working


  • Python 3.9 venv
  • setuptools==62.1.0 and zc.buildout==3.0.0rc3 installed

This is my minimal buildout to get a robot-server script:

extends =

parts += testserver

recipe = zc.recipe.egg
eggs = [test]
scripts =

[versions] = 2.0.0a6

However if i start the server via:

$ ./bin/robot-server -vvvv --debug

16:18:31 [ wait ] Set up plone.testing.zope.WSGIServer
INFO:Zope:Ready to handle requests
16:18:31 [ wait ] Set up
16:18:31 [ ready ] Started Zope robot server

I'm not able to get anything from that instance. respectively I get a 501:

Error response
Error code: 501

Message: Unsupported method ('GET').

Error code explanation: HTTPStatus.NOT_IMPLEMENTED - Server does not support this operation.

I tried several other options, like creating my own mixin or use the volto testing layers (./bin/robot-server -vvvv --debug). Same result.

It starts up, testing layer seems to get applied as well. But still 501.
Any help is really appreciated :blush:

I know I'm using the latest versions of everything and you guys are working hard on plone 6. Maybe somebody hat the same issues or I'm missing something obvious?

See if your problem is not this one: How to use robot-server and pybot with not fiddling with env variables? · Issue #60 · plone/plone.testing · GitHub

Thanks, but I know on which port the service is running. The service itself replies with 501 in the browser and in the logs. I can change the port, but I do get the same result.

the only way for me to run robot tests:

start Server:

ZSERVER_HOST= ZSERVER_PORT=50003 bin/robot-server --reload-path src dev.robotcheck.testing.DEV_ROBOTCHECK_ACCEPTANCE_TESTING

start the Test:

ZSERVER_HOST= ZSERVER_PORT=50003 TMPDIR=./tmp bin/robot src/dev/robotcheck/tests/robot/test_example.robot

site note: the TMPDIR is necessary to run the test in Browsers, which are installed via snap in ubuntu. i'am on ubunut 22.04

all other fails, e.g.:

./bin/test --all -m  dev.robotcheck -t test_example.robot
TMPDIR=/tmp ./bin/test --all -m  dev.robotcheck -t test_example.robot
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