RFC: content types to store magazine and/or newspaper editions

Continuing the discussion from Script to change objects effectivedates to be the same as the parent folder:

As mentioned on my previous post, sc.periodicals is a package that defines a Dexterity-based folderish content type (a periodical) that has a number, an image (a cover page) and a publication date; it can contain only News Articles as defined in the collective.nitf package.

we're working on a huge refactor of it and I was studying yesterday about publications.

according to the Online Dictionary for Library and Information Science, there are in fact two different kind of publications: serials and periodicals.


A publication in any medium issued under the same title in a succession of discrete parts, usually numbered (or dated) and appearing at regular or irregular intervals with no predetermined conclusion […] Serial publications include print periodicals and newspapers, electronic magazines and journals, annuals (reports, yearbooks, etc.), continuing directories, proceedings and transactions, and numbered monographic series cataloged separately.


A serial publication with its own distinctive title, containing a mix of articles, editorials, reviews, columns, short stories, poems, or other short works written by more than one contributor, issued in softcover more than once, generally at regular stated intervals of less than a year, without prior decision as to when the final issue will appear. Although each issue is complete in itself, its relationship to preceding issues is indicated by enumeration, usually issue number and volume number printed on the front cover. Content is controlled by an editor or editorial board.

so, I would love to learn and discuss about features we could implement on future releases, and this is a call for others with similar use cases to discuss about this topic, probably by creating issues on the package issue tracker.

thanks for your time.