Reverting a zeopack


I try to understand how zeopack works in order to use it correctly.

As far as I understand (please correct me if I'm wrong) when one runs zeopack both Data.fs file and blobstorage folder are first saved (.old suffix) then the data in this file and folder are packed. So far so good.

Yet, by diffing the var folder tree before and after the packing, I noticed the Data.fs.index file was modified too but not backed up.

Hence my question is: after running zeopack, how should one restore the instance in the pre-packing state (e.g. if something had gone wrong)? Is copying back the Data.fs and blobstorage from their ".old" copy sufficient or should we make a manual copy of the Data.fs.index too ?

Thanks in advance

Just the Data.fs and blobstorage is enough.
Please do remove the Data.fs.index when you do this. The zeoserver will regenerate Data.fs.index for you. This may take some time though.

OK. Thank you Roel.

You can throw the index file away. If not present, it will get regenerated on the fly during startup making your startup phase a bit longer depending on the Data.fs (which may take a long time if you have GBs of data in your storage).