ResponseError xmlrpc.client in close (WSGI/Sentry)

We are using collective.sentry (0.2.3) - well, I am the author of collective.sentry - and see these sporadic errors in Plone 5.2.1 (only when using the Sentry SDK). I assume they are caused directly by the Sentry SDK and the Sentry server?!

ResponseError: ResponseError()
  File "ZPublisher/", line 156, in transaction_pubevents
  File "ZPublisher/", line 338, in publish_module
    response = _publish(request, new_mod_info)
  File "ZPublisher/", line 226, in publish
  File "ZPublisher/", line 514, in processInputs
    meth, self.args = xmlrpc.parse_input(fs.value)
  File "ZPublisher/", line 90, in parse_input
    params, method = xmlrpclib.loads(data)
  File "xmlrpc/", line 1021, in loads
    return u.close(), u.getmethodname()
  File "xmlrpc/", line 654, in close
    raise ResponseError()