Replicate a website style in Plone

Hello everyone,

I'm a web developer and I'm new to Plone.
My customer wants to use Plone for his government-like website.
He told me to copy/replicate/follow the style of a similar Irish website, but I don't have access to the source code.
I've inspected the page and I've noted that it was made using Angular (I've seen some Angular-like tags and directives).
I've read the Plone documentation about theming, but I'm a bit confused:

  • should I create a complete new theme?
  • should I copy an existing theme and edit it following the Climate Ireland example?
  • should I try a different approach?

Thanks in advance for any answers,


Well, this is difficult to tell.

If it is just about having a Plone site mimicking/ using this style I would create either a complete new theme or a theme based on our Barceloneta (here bobtemplates.plone offers a quick starter).

Otoh you could use plone.restapi and build your own angular project (there is a client around plone.angular-restapi) or build upon react using plone-react, which is probably what I may tend to try here.

I think this also really depends on your skills and if the replica needs to be an progressive web app. Ask yourself: Are you're already a Plone themer or more the frontend guy good at building react/angular apps?

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Thank you @jensens for your answer.
My customer told me that I can choose the best way I want to get this job done, but I have to keep as CMS Plone because it is one of the most reliable in terms of security and scalability (and to be honest I'm interested in learning about it for professional growth).
I have to deliver a first static beta-website (text, pictures and other contents manually entered by me during development) for December, then I'll have to develop a real portal where users can log and admins can upload contents or write something.
My skills are limited to front-end design, so I can't call myself a Plone themer.
I'm in the pre-analysis step, so every advice is precious.

One of the best parts on Plone - for your skills - is

You make an gorgeous (static) Front-End Site, after you finished your frontend, you transform the Plone (dynamic) content - with a little XSLT magic tinto your design...
It's not that difficult :wink:


For the record, I already made a Diazo theme using a live remote page as its main template (instead of index.html in rules.xml, just enter the url of the site you want to imitate).
That way, even if the site design changed, your Plone site is still up-to-date.

Of course it can break at any time if the Diazo rules selectors become invalid… so it is not recommended. Maybe a local copy of the remote webpage is a wiser approach.

Hello everyone. I am matt paul and I want to replicate a site which looks something like this Please advise me how to do it and I am good at HTML.

Look at this post