Render collective.taxonomy (field) directly in (TAL) [SOLVED]

If I have a Choice field with vocabulary collective.taxonomy.something : Can I render the field (directly) in a template?

If I do ${context/taxfield} I will get a (unicode) id of 'r90c1a5ori'

How can I get the 'value' of 'r90c1a5ori'

Its the value or token of the vocabulary-term. Render your term-title like here described

I dont understand the description

I can not get versions of 'view/w/my_field/render' to work. I was hoping this could be done without a .py file (just .pt)

BrowserView vs. DefaultView Custom views — Plone Documentation v5.2
If you have a View based on DefaultView, perhaps the render show the right result.

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