Renaming Plone Site (zeoserver installation breaks content)

If you rename your Plone site on Plone 5.0.1 you will be unable to delete content, replace images, text updates work on pages but essentially it breaks the site. Reindexing the catalog does not resolve the issue, once site is renamed to the original name the issue no longer occurs.

Use case:
Customer wants some fairly massive changes made to their site, import export site and rename the copy something else as to differentiate between them, new one now is incapable of making content changes.

Maybe it is a Zope issue, but put under core development as it is a fairly useful thing.

You can replicate this issue with a fresh zeo installation of the latest release of Plone 5. Just rename your particular site and try to insert an image on a page or delete some content.

I'll replicate this and add the traceback that is received for more info

Is it maybe related to this?

Did you actually succeed in the rename operation? No Image or File items in your site? No errors in log?

Thanks for the reply, I think yes it seems to be the same issue. I'm not currently at my pc but I will replicate the issue and post the traceback just to be sure it is the same issue.

To answer your first post, no deleting renaming or any sort of content updates do not work, you just get a traceback (apologies for the poor question format, I will expand it in the next few hours) and post the traceback

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