Remove Password Tab from User Preferences

Is there an easy way to remove the Password Tab (@@change_password) from the User Preferences (@@personal-preferences) in Plone 5.1?

I have set up LDAP and the users are not able to change the password via Plone.

The lazy way is with this CSS,

#contentview-user_data-change-password { display: none}

I thought more of a configuration option, but this works. Thanks!

There's a caveat in this approach: if the user knows this url, he can try to directly enter it in the browser.

One way to avoid this is using overrides.zcml since in Plone 5.1 @@change-password (not @@change_password is a view:

I didn't test it, but I would try to use the overrides approach, just changing the permission attribute of the view to cmf.ManagePortal, so if the user tries to enter it will receive an "Insufficient permissions" message.

You can do more overrides to give a message instead of this but it may be overkill.

Thank you for your input. I am aware of the implications of the CSS approach. Additionally I removed the "Set own password" Right from Authenticated Users via Zope.