Remove 'Edit'-Permission for 'Editor' on published state (workingcopy)

we use and we want to prevent our Editors to re-edit any published content. So the editor have to "Check out" the content.

But sometimes they click "Edit" instead of "Check-out", how can I hide the "Edit"-Button for Editors even on "published" state?

You can hide the edit bottom based on permission in your workflow

on your workflow permissions add
iterate : Check in content
iterate : Check out content
eg. http://yoursite:8080/Plone/portal_workflow/simple_publication_workflow/manage_permissions

then make the workflow state have the permission when published only

then set a condition on the Edit action of the content
eg. http://yoursite:8080/Plone/portal_types/Document/manage_editActionsForm
python:not(portal.portal_membership.checkPermission("iterate : Check out content", object))


Thank you, so easy....