Release: Build 20160208


here a overview about the changes and updates:

  • Links: fixed: 134 broken links, that brings us down to 154 which are still broken.
  • Typos: we got more, which has to do with the inclusion of various README files, this will be fixed soon, currently we have 186 typos/not known words.


  • docs about migration from Plone 4 to Plone 5
  • docs about plone.recipe.analysies
  • docs about installation
  • docs about Pillow and it dependencies
  • docs about [python] versioning
  • docs about link-integrity
  • remove docs about lingualplone
  • remove docs about php in nginx docs
  • docs about GenericSetup imports
  • docs about uid
  • docs about testing
  • our styleguide
  • various typos
  • various broken links

One last thing:

What do you prefer, to have these kinds of updates like this one, or do you prefer to have it like the 'older' ones on ->

Thanks to all people who helped to make this possible !

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:ok_hand: thanks!

Thanks! Much appreciated all the effort put on it!

As for updates, community is maybe best, and then link to it on that page from