Relations between resources in multilanguage sites

Hi all,

In some cases it is not clear to me how to apply Let me tell you the story.

I am developing multilingual site that supports English and Spanish. The site describes researchers and publications. Thus, I created a Dexterity content type for each. The publication type have a relation field that points to zero or more researchers (the authors of a publication). Publications have all its attributes language independent. Researchers have a biography that is different in each language.

I have two implementation designs:

  1. Replicate authors an publications for all languages and set all publication attributes as language independent fields. I will be easy to replicate publications. However, it consume the double of space and relations from publications to authors must be set twice.

  2. Add publications in a language independent folder and only replicate authors for each language used. Add an identifier field in researchers and set it as a language independent field. Thus, each researcher will have an identifier that could be referenced from publications. However, this adds a complexity: I have to redefine the way that the link to authors is displayed in the publication view. I assume that an user is allowed to click on an author of a publication to go to the page of the author in the current language.

I think that for this story the approach taken for raptus.multilingual is more suitable. However, this solution only works for Archetypes. Do you have a better solution?