Regressions in Plone5

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If you refer to me, I think I must perfect my english.
Repeating myself:

  • all the things I've pointed out, are regressions from previous Plone versions, not bugs
  • as I had already wrote, they should be fixed for Plone sake, not for me or anyone's "fun"
  • in the first place, this regressions should never had happen!

And last, in my opinion, two of the mistakes that the devs in charge of Plone are doing for some time:

  1. you seem to believe that are the users that should adapt to Plone needs and not the opposite
  2. you don't listen...

If you ever decide to do a release with the focus only in fixing errors and polishing, for sure I will talk to my boss to see if it is possible to allocate some resources to help.

Every release is about fixing things.

Bugs most often get fixed because a developer has a client that needs it fixed. Someone who insults the community and says how useless the Plone developers are and how we don't listen probably won't have his bugs viewed as a priority by anyone who takes their free time to fix them.

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That'd be me, I suppose. I'm truly sorry that I'm not living up to your expectations. While I try my best to ensure that each release is better than the one before it, I must admit that I cannot guarantee that I've checked every button, each missing system library, or every combination of addons – sometimes regressions slip through and we're left in the unfortunate situation where our users are counted on to notify us of such issues. I can however guarantee that I've spent substantial time and effort speaking with our users and turning those conversations into better and better releases of Plone. You may feel free to tell me of my failings directly via

Well, yes, we make those. We've even broken out the fixes and features for your reading convenience. And thank you for your kind offer to donate, we'll make sure it's put to good use.

You are obviously very interested in improving Plone and have demonstrated a distinct willingness to commit your own time and energies to the cause. To allow the people who fix the problems the best opportunity to do so, I'd ask that you begin filing bug reports so that we can properly reproduce, investigate, and fix those issues you've found.