Regarding .mo file creation

I used mxdev to install plone6 and add-ons, but the .mo file was not created automatically had to do it manually. Is there something i need to do to create the .mo file automatically??

See Install Plone backend from its Packages – Step by Step – Install — Plone Documentation v6.0-dev

Perhaps look up how this is done in cookiecutter:

"zope_i18n_compile_mo_files": "true",

will put this directive in your zope.conf

    zope_i18n_compile_mo_files true
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Also, see 19. Write Your Own Python Add-On to Customize Plone – Mastering Plone 6 Development — Plone Training 2022 documentation and Internationalization and Localization — Plone Documentation v6.0-dev

If you created your add on package with plonecli, there should be an i18ndude update script in the package's locales folder. Running this script will create / update your translation template and the language files.