Reflecto alternative for Plone 5

Several years ago, I think on a Plone 2.x site, I used Reflecto to serve filesystem based files. Is there a simple alternative that is Plone 5 compatible now?

xmldirector.plone allows you to integrate arbitrary storages including local FS into Plone 5.0.
No support for treating mounted content as primary Plone content, no indexing support by design. See functionality (here with Dropbox).


Thanks @zopyx,
I'm overdue to look at xmldirector. Given that it doesn't treat it as primary content does that also mean no workflow support?

Reflecto content has workflow support?
A mountpoint aka a "XML Director Connector" instance is a full DX content object with permissions and workflow. All content below the mount point is not Plone content but can be accessed using an universal API, traversal support, API for up and download..


It's been awhile, I'll need to double check on what Reflecto capabilities were like, I may be imagining features that were not actually in Reflecto.

Workflow support is optimistic for mounted content items.

Forget it. If you want real workflow and permission support for external content then make it Plone content. The Reflecto approach is broken in many ways. Works for small sets of files, horribly broken for possibly arbitrary large folder and tree structures.


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