Referencing a Dexterity object from an Archtypes ReferenceField


We have a bunch of Archetypes content types. We're intending to replace them with dexterity types, and the first step towards that goal is to stop making new AT types. This means when we create new types using dexterity, we need to be able to reference them from archetypes ReferenceFields.

The new dexterity type is called "ICHIP" and has been created TTW. I have added the referencable behaviour on ICHIP.

In the AT schema, I have a ReferenceField, who has allowed_types=("ICHIP"), but appears not to locate any of the ICHIP items I have created in the system.

What more needs to be done? I've found a few documents about relating AT->DX objects, but mostly these refer to zc.relationfield which only helps if I want to relate from DX->AT.

Any pointers at all would be most welcome.

I think youre looking for