Recurring dates keep switching back to wrong dates

I am trying to create an event with recurring dates; it needs to recur at second Monday every month.
I can save it and it will appear fine on the event. But each time when I edit the event, the dates change to recurring in same day (11th in this case) for every month.

Has anyone experienced this, or know how to solve it?

Github Issue link: Recurring dates keep switching back to wrong dates · Issue #5515 · plone/volto · GitHub

  • Volto 16.21.0
  • Plone 6.0.2

What I set: The second Monday

What happens after editing: Day 11 of the Month

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It's a known unsolved issue RecurrenceWidget produces values that can't be successfully parsed back · Issue #4906 · plone/volto · GitHub.

As far as I can remember, as I dug into this issue as well, the Volto side of the rrule produces serialized rrule that's not fully deserializable into the same recurrence rules. I don't remember if the python side influenced the matter. I remember that I looked at the source code of the RecurrenceWidget and decided it needs a rewrite to the way the data is stored.

I had proposed the architecture for refactor of RecurrenceWidget component in the #5515 issue and I have opened a PR implementing the same.
I need help in figuring out the tests that I would have to write for the new RecurrenceEditForm component and also the new RecurrenceWdigetFunc component.

In the PR description I have also mentioned how one can look at the new components in working.
I got stuck at writing tests and I thought it might be a good idea to ask the community for help.