Recommended tools for working with Plone 5 and custom workflows

Are there any recommended tools that are compatible with Plone 5 for managing and creating workflows?
ftw.lawgiver looks useful but it is advertised as a Plone 4 compatible tool.

I decided to try out (I had to include I've only done some cursory testing but it seems to be working with Plone 5.0.5.

if your question is about ttw editing/creating of workflows - ignore this answer :wink:

i used in a project years ago and liked the idea that the workflow is defined in a spreadsheet file which is much more readable than the generic-setup workflow definition.

Doesn't have to be through the web (ttw) so is worth looking at.

This is very true, and you can make nice looking formatting to make the spreadsheets that create the CSV readable. Here is an example (ODS):