Recommended solution for shipping css/js resources with filesystem themes

I'm developing an add-on and want to follow best practices.
What I'm doing now is placing a Gruntfile.js in my static folder and registering my resources in the profiles/registry.xml file.
Before going into production I run grunt in the static folder to build the resources.

Would appreciate thoughts and feedback on this approach.

(I know there's webpack but it felt overkill for compiling minifying a few css files).

Also I notice that my css file has ?version=none appended to the end. Next on my list is to figure how to "bump" the version.

Okay... adding the last_compilation key to my bundle can be used to "bump" the version. I'm guessing it can work with any string.

<value key="last_compilation">2017-06-20 00:00:00</value>