Queue/Task queues supported in Plone 6?

Do we have a working asynchronous queue implementation that would work with Plone 6?
Something like collective.taskqueue? My usecase is the integration of the searching engine Typesense

as an alternative to collective.solr.

For situations a like mass reindexing, queue support would be handy.

Use Celery or Dramatiq with requests against restapi. I used Celery for GitHub - collective/collective.elastic.ingest: Plone Elastic Search Integration: Ingestion service queue runner between Plone RestAPI and ElasticSearch and in two customer projects. I may try Dramatiq next time, since its simpler and less difficult to debug.

I experimented a bit with huey


which is fairly trivial to integrate with Plone and very lightweight.

The consumer part is currently only available as dedicated huey_consumer script (generated by the pip installer) for executing arbitrary tasks for Huey. I am researching now how to integrate the Huey consumer as thread into Plone (rather than running it as an externals process).

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