Questions related to pas.plugins.authomatic


I'm doing a POC with pas.plugins.authomatic ( trying to allow users to login through an oauth provider, and did a quick test with github on a Plone 4 site. Upgrading to a newer Plone release is not an option here.

Setting this to authenticate with github has been easy. Nice!

A have the following questions and would appreciate any insights.

a) While visiting the Plone control panel user section I cannot remove users that registered through this. How can I delete them?

b) Password set is not an option too. When a user gets registered do they have this option, to set a password and login through the username created for them and the password they set?

c) On the "PAS Authomatic Plugin Settings" I tried the option 'Provider user Name' as "Generator for Plone User IDs".
I used this to login to an account I already had on the Plone site, and it logged my in with the same username, which is great.

My goal here is to login users that they already have Plone accounts, with the same email as the oauth provider. So if I have an account with email on the oauth provider, and I have an account with this email on my Plone site, then be able to login to this account through oauth, no matter if I have different usernames on Plone and the oauth provider. Is this possible with pas.plugins.authomatic?

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