Question about folder_contents edit

Hi there,

I need to edit the folder_Contents template but I cann't find where it is on plone. I also need to modify the order arrow to a somethink drag and drop, anyone?

Have you tried wildcard.foldercontents?
It basically does what you're looking for and more :wink:
1.x versions are for Plone 4

didn't tried yet, how can I do it?

in your buildout.cfg file, in the
eggs =
section, add wildcard.foldercontents

So it looks something like:

eggs =  Plone
       .... etc 

then run:

stop and start Plone
go to the add-ons section in the control pane in Plone and install it

what Plone version are you running? seems to me Plone 3.x.

is it helpful?

Zope Version
(2.13.10, python 2.6.7, linux3)
Python Version
2.6.7 (r267:88850, Oct 8 2015, 18:11:44) [GCC 4.9.2]
System Platform

I also need to edit the template, not only the order arrows, because it's a mess and I cann't find where is it.

I want to put it inside a bootstrap container and some few thinks..