Products.PloneBooking 3.1.1 for Plone 5 and 4.3 available

Product.PloneBooking version 3.1.1 for Plone 5 and Plone 4.5 is now at GitHub.
You find it here:

Tar file with egg is here:

ChangeLog version 3.1.1

Added most functions and corrections of atreal such as interval and permissions translation uid_catalog and cleanup (thanks tiazma!)

ChangeLog version 3.1

  • Compatible with Plone 4 and Plone 5 (requires switch-off of new CSRF feature!)
  • Adapted README.txt
  • Extra Installation Guidelines and TroubleShouting hints in Readme_Products.PloneBooking.txt
  • Various corrections (NO Anonymous Booking is possible)
  • Now better error handling and more important a really working PloneBooking.js script. Tested in Chrome, Firefox and IExlorer
  • Correction in macro comma declaration in tal attribute worked in Plone 4, not in Plone 5
  • New fields on BookingForm: Phone Number and Comments
  • Extra Periodicity option: Every day same time to the Periodicity end date
  • Changed Layout & Colors in pop-ups, Wider Popup to accommodate 0-24 hrs timerange
  • Missing Icons Added
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Don't forget to add a classifier showing it's compatible with Plone 5 (in

Done. Thanks for this Notification.
Best to download the version which is dated 11-6-2016 (11-June-2016). For installation of Plone 4.3 you simply delete the registry.xml file. See the two readme...txt files inside the package.

It took me quite a while to figure out why the booking of a periodicity was not working using the Edit button (The default Periodicity button worked already).

One single "_0" which Plone 4 added in a TAL instruction, which TAL on Plone 5 did not do was pulling my hair out for several days.... Now that beast is tackled and all functions work now smoothly.
Note that in Plone 5 the CSRF feature must be switched off as that breaks the functions.... I do not know how to solve that. Especially within the Javascript pop-ups.

Maybe somebody is willing to spend some research time on that item?

Of course a rewrite to Dexterity Types would be best, must this is pretty complex stuff.

Are you going to make a pull request into the collective repo? I think most people are wary of using add-ons that are not from the collective.

I just did the pull request. As I am new to this I hope I did this the right way. Thanks for your guidance. Let me know if something went wrong and then I will (re-)try to correct it.

@Peter thank you for your PR, and I'm sorry no one else has reviewed it in such a long time.

If anyone else who uses PloneBooking would like to review that PR as well (and two others) that would be great.