Products.CMFPlomino on 4.3.9

This is an observation - I had the then current Plomino loaded with 4.3.6 with all the menu's working, but now that I have moved through to 4.3.9 I have lost the contentmenu's and the menus page opens where all the options on a full page where you have to tag the required menu option and then press the Add button. (This is based on MS option upgrade)

I have tried with various versions of Plomino with the same result. I am only assuming that a version conflict has slipped in in the upgrade process from 4.3.6 through to 4.3.9

Menu's resume expected performance when I deactivate Plomino. Open to any suggestions.

That's a JS conflict.
As explained here you need to pin collective.js.datatables = 2.0.1

Many thanks Eric