Problems with PloneFormGen under Plone 5

The new version of PloneFormGen under PLONE 5 looks very good. But I found two Problems:

  • The Field length specifications are not honored. The fields have always
    the same lenghts, even if the "length" values are correct in the input
    Tags of the generated html. It looks as if they are overwrtten by any CSS
    Tag of the used Theme (Plone 5's Standard Barceloneta Theme).
  • The "Selection Field" Type is available in the English Version, but not
    if I choose German Language (Deutsch). In German there is only the Multi Selection Field (Mehrfachauswahl-Feld) .On the other hand, there is a "Checkbox Field" in the German Version, which is not available in English (?)

Can somebody give any clue on that?
Best Regards

Yes there are a lot of issue with PFG and Plone 5. It's working but is a beta (sometimes alpha) quality.

The issue your are experiencing with missing subitems is a Plone issue, not PFG ones (see

I suggest you to check all of the open issue of PFG on Plone 5 before really using it:

Lastly: I've the feeling (personal opinion) that it's not maintained anymore.

any reason why you could not use collective.easyform instead of PFG?