Problems with examples

Hello Everyone,

Im pretty new with Plone 5 - so I did make a Testinstallation was imazing simple .. and testside runs. But then
I started to try to make some new templates, so I got to the Plone documentation ....
As I like to learn from examples .. I did read a bit and then start with the example included here:

As I read the described way is deprecated I tryed the mrbob version - what did work not that bad ...

Until I got to there
(I tryed first the old way - then started over because it didnt work .. was thinking I did something wrong)

So now I tryed the bobtemplates.plone Dexterity - but it doesnt do the same as old way (paster addcontent contenttype) ... where it creates an folder content and a ...... and so on.... whats now missing.

So did I miss something in the Documentation ?
or are there better examples somewhere ??

thanks for your help :smile:



Hi @Alex,

ah, sorry. Yes, the "helloworld" example needs to be removed from the documentation, since it is old and does not work anymore. I'll do that as soon as possible.

In the meantime, it's far better to follow, and in particular the part starting at

Hi Paul,

thanks for the info and advise :smile:
Ill take a look to that links you send.