Problem with 5.0.5

I installed 5.0.5 in the usual way and all went fine - no errors. For this test, I didn't try to add any products, so it is the standard buildout./

Restart and site comes up fine. However, simply trying to create a folder or event gets the attached error.

Any ideas.

I can't upload the buildout here, but I could paste it if anyone wants to see it. I didn't make any changes (except changing the port number)

I mistakenly uploaded the screen shot twice. they are the same

There are no errors reported in the error log

..because Unauthorized and NotFound are disabled for logging in error_log.


true, and I tried to remove them so they would log, but wasn't allowed to.
Why would I get these errors?

I figured it out. I had the app on my host set to "custom websockets app" which apparently isn't what I wanted. Fixed that and fixed the issue.