Problem in ordering viewlets

I'm working on adding viewlets as a subtemplate in bobtemplates.plone. As I was going through documentation, I found few problems in understanding ViewletManager from this page
In particular with this line

In your browser/viewlets/ or similar file add:


The first thing with the above line is that this is configuration and the line suggest to add in python file.
I didn't strictly follow that page for making viewlets as there was an easy alternative on training docs, but there are no concepts introduced on ViewletManager in training docs.
So, I just added two viewlets and with /@@manage-viewlets i was able to order it with my needs. But since I wanted to do so using viewlets.xml in profile/default folder, which I added it later (not programmatically). But still, I don't see that order which is defined in viewlets.xml
You can see the work :point_down: and may suggest the change

viewlets.xml is part of the GenericSetup configuration.

Changes in the GenericSetup configuration are not taken care of automatically. You must explicitely apply them.

A complete profile associated with an extension is applied as a whole when you install/reinstall the extension. With portal_setup (the GenericSetup control object in your Plone object), you can apply either whole profiles or individual steps or a profile under its Import tab.

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