Potential Bug with fresh Diazo theme creator

I have noticed an issue in Plone (probably more the Diazo theming side).

Since Diazo has become integral to Plone I put this under "Core Development".

When you are using a fresh Diazo theme, go into folder_contents and then navigate to some sub folder, try to click any option on the edit-bar and you will be taken to the original folder than you clicked "Contents" on.

Somehow when using Barceloneta Theme you do not experience this issue issue and I can't figure out how they fixed it.

This issue causes a fair amount of confusion to end users as sometimes they use folder_contents to navigate to a hidden from navigation folder, click add new and add a type, then the type does not appear in the folder they are looking at, it appears in the original folder they clicked "Contents" on.

If it is a bug then fair enough, but if there's a way of fixing it I would muchly appreciate hearing about it.

Also props to the Barceloneta Theme devs, you guys seriously know your stuff.

hhmmm, this shouldn't have anything to do with the diazo theme.

The toolbar code is what is responsible for update the context of the toolbar when navigating through folder contents.

Make sure the toolbar markup is the same as what barcelona is rendering maybe? Perhaps you can changing IDs of the node and the reloading of the toolbar isn't working on folder contents context switching?

I also don't think it's a bug. Can you provide links to your code and website?

Maybe you forgot to copy some of the head elements, e.g. the tag?

You seem to have many complaints here but I believe " add a type, then the type does not appear in the folder they are looking at," is the same issue as

(which are both essentialy the same issue and should be merged)