Possible Conference Talk: Webflow and Plone

Seeking input on a potential talk for the upcoming conference. Please feel free to to share your thoughts about this idea.

Webflow is a visual webdesign tool, CMS and ecommerce platform.
We've used Webflow as a design tool on Plone projects as well as a standalone CMS solution instead of Plone. As with everything in life there are trade-offs.

Possible talk structure:

  • Explore the trade-offs between Webflow and Plone
  • Discuss what Plone could learn from Webflow's implementation
  • Outline where Plone has clear advantages etc....
  • Do a visual walk through of Webflow/Plone experiments including how we integrate Webflow with Plone today (it's Diazo based so might be a deadend for future Plone)

If there are lightning talks perhaps.