Portlet tile in plone.app.mosaic Add-on

Hi, i look at the Code in plone.app.mosaic, the portlet tile is not longer available by default, because in the registry.xml it's a comment.
"Portlet tile is disabled by default, because it will leave dangling portlets too easily" I didn't understood the reason. Is this a technical reason or just precautionary measure for wrong use of the tile? Has anyone informations or an idea?
best wishes for the new year!

One year latter, I have the same doubt. Can anyone help?

Only precautionary. The developer behind the portlet tile left and nobody was left to maintain it. Also some portlets like calendar did not fully work as tile (browsing calendar was broken).

Technically, I recall it creates portlet manager for each page to store portlet configuration, which was almost too clever way to use portlet machinery. If some error occurred in editor, it as possible that dangling (invisible) portlet configurations were left in database, it in any case those were stored (and removable) with the page in question should not be that big issue really.