PloneFormGen: re-editing saved data through the original form

Customer came up with a requirement being able to define PFG form on its own. Submitted form data should be saved and it should be possible to re-edit and re-save a record through the official form. I am aware that there is a save adapter but there is no functionality to re-edit the data back in PFG. Is there some addition/add-on for doing that? Context is Plone 4.3/Archetypes.


Take a look at uwosh.pfg.d2c.

look at

@zopyx D2C creates Archetypes content items that have the same fields as the PFG form. You edit those content items as you normally would any AT item (ie. not through the PFG form, but similar).

@zopyx this is much more the usecase Plomino is designed for. It may seem more complex but we are most of the way to finishing a new DnD UI (plone5 only) which will make it as easy or easier than PFG so it's worth looking at.