PloneFormGen preserve FormBooleanField in Multi-Page Form

I have an auto generated subform with lots of Checkboxes one can choose from, and the positive checked ones should be displayed on a second form as a summary, but without checkboxes.

As there is no hidden parameter for the FormBooleanField, i tried a FormStringField in the next form to display the value, but it looks it cannot handle the False or True values from the prefilled request.form of the previous, the first form page.
fieldset-4-end '1'
fieldset-6-start '1'
fieldset-9-end '1'
fieldset-12-start '1'
kursangebot-9 False
kursangebot-8 False
fieldset-6-end '1'
kursangebot-5 False
kursangebot-4 False
kursangebot-7 False
kursangebot-6 False
kursangebot-1 True
kursangebot-3 False
kursangebot-2 True

when i chose FormBooleanField on the second page, all works well, but i only want to show the user the selected ones from the first page, as text only, hide everything else but preserve the reqeuest.form for the final action.

Thank you for any hints, comments.

Torsten Kuehnel

P.S.: Plone 4.3.2, PloneFormGen 1.7.23

Since you only want to display particular continuing fields, I'd generally follow the instructions of, adding a javascript snippet to read the hidden fields and display them as desired.

By the way, the reason there's no hidden boolean field is that in the underlying forms and in the HTTP request, all hidden fields are really just text.

Thanks for the Reply, SteveM.

I'm currently on the documentation for the 4.3 tree on, which looks like the 5.1 version. I tried to carry the boolean value over to the next form by using a EDIT: FormLabelField (i mistook it as a FormStringField) in the second form with the exact same id (its auto-generated anyway) like the Boolean field in the first form, it looks to me that the "False" values shown above in my snippet are the problem. When i use a Boolean field in the second form, all works well.

The docs state:

A Note on Hidden Fields: The hidden flag is not available for all form field types, but you don’t 
need it. String, Text and Lines fields are adequate to carry all the basic data. Use a hidden Lines 
field to hold multiple selection field input, string or text for the rest.

So i just want to use that in the docs well described feature for a boolean field an cannot get it to work. With same field types as said no problem. For me it looks that the StringField has a problem using the boolean False value in the request. The output is from the show request template described in the docs on another page. I want to avoid fiddling around with javascript if even possible.

But maybe i can use a bare zope page template in the second form folder to display the checkbox selected values from the first page ? Will try this next ...

EDIT:Ha, i found the error, it was me ! :slight_smile:
I took an FormLabelField as an input field to carry the boolean value to the next page form which did not work out. Label fields appear as '1' value allways it looks like. Never mind ...