Ploneformgen post hoc data modification

Is there a way to modify data once it is stored by the Save data adapter? I should be able to find the data somewhere in the ZMI, but not sure where to look.

You can edit the saved data through the Plone UI (navigate to the save data adapter and click Edit), or do you mean in code?

Okay, that was just too easy and obvious. Sorry to be a bother.
Thanks, Kim!

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Not a problem at all! I'm always glad when there's an easy answer :slight_smile:

There's also a display view (on the display menu) that shows the saved data and allows editing records. First created by MacYET.

For some reason I create a data adapater called collective.pfg.soup which addresses the problem of re-edit by the user themselves using the original form.

It also documents the change itself (field, timestamp) and offers rich search features through the stored data. CSV export including metadata is included.
Drawbacks: In its current state it does not handle binary uploads.