PloneFormGen: Datagridfields - Make it possible to add multiples of one form field type

I'd like to be able to add multiple phone numbers or multiple office locations by using something like a Datagridfield with PloneFormGen. Is this possible.

I know that we have a DataGridField Widget

Slightly related: if you need just one field, you can use a tuple.

Is this something available in PloneFormGen?

I have not used Formgen "since Plone 5", so I am not sure.

But I know that you can use it in Easyform

  1. Add a new easyform, add your field

  2. Edit the xml schema of the form, and change the field to

    False My title


Thanks @espenmn, that's one step closer to what I'm looking for.

the only missing part imho is a sort up/down

OK I know this is late, but have you seen ?