PloneCLI for the win!

After some deliberation, I decided to pick up Plone again for a green field project.
I am just taking the time to give props to @MrTango and @tmassman for their work on Plone CLI. It has empowered a new developer on the project to dive in and be productive!


thx David, that was the intention ;).
It was a lot of work on the bobtemplate.plone side to make that happen.
There is still room for improvement, cover more things like tiles or resource registry entries and improve existing templates. But i feel we have already pretty good stack and I'm happy for everyone who is using it and even more who is giving back some feed back and contributions.

I'm still dreaming of:
plonecli dockerize
Just don't have the time :frowning: to contribute to it.

Since this is all unpaid work, it's hard to find the time for me too ;).
But it would help, if you could provide an example repo which has your desired configuration.